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The need to professionalise remuneration policies is often driven by company growth and – sometimes extreme – labour market mobility. If you like to counter that with a transparent, market-based remuneration policy with space for growth, opt for the Baarda model.

The model also allows a thorough look at one’s own organisation. We’ll examine what competences are needed to be organised vitally, i.e. decisive and future-proof way. After the project, you will have all the tools for strategic workforce planning, the basis of your recruitment efforts.

Ultimately, the project will also lead to employees understanding their own added value, their growth opportunities (or lack thereof) and the salary in return.

Implementation of the Baarda Model

Introduction of the Baarda model is done in four phases, together with a project group composed by you:

1. Designing the job matrix

In the first workshop, we look at the organisation. What type of customers does your company have, what promise do you make to your customers and how is the primary process organised? Together, we explore what the ideal organisational design looks like to remain decisive and future-proof. The result is what we call the ‘job matrix’.

Please note that we do not create job profiles, they are not necessary in our approach!

2. Classifying employees based on their added value.

With this vital design in hand, in a second workshop we will classify all individual employees according to their added value. Do they meet the standard we set in the job matrix, are they coming short or exceeding the expectations? This is how you position all employees in their learning pathway. The result of step 2 is the people matrix.

3. Designing a market-based salary structure.

We will now examine how you reward your employees and analyse what adjustments your salary structure needs to be effective and market-based. Here, we introduce the procedures that are indispensable for correct implementation.

4. Performance Development

Setting up the Proodoss platform, making the PDJourney® ready to be implemented. The PDJourney® is the process that aligns organisational goals and personal ambitions. It provides:

  • Offering insight to everyone’s individual added value. What is needed to increase it and what salary prospects are associated with it.
  • Capturing individual ambitions
  • Defining career paths and goals
  • Facilitating the conversations around the performance management cycle
  • Using Mission Profiles
  • Managing the job & people matrix.
  • Sending out questionnaires focused on engagement and well-being

Of course, we will face difficulties in the project, as the implementation of the model requires a lot of care. This is also why we use fixed prices, so that in moments like these we won’t be held back by budgetary constraints. We’ll always find a solution!

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