Manage performance development with a tool created for that purpose.

With Proodoss, you can value and reward your employees. Employees can use the platform for their salary and career prospects.

Proodoss brings all the pieces of the puzzle of remuneration management together. How nice is that?

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Why Proodoss?

With Proodoss, you take steps to:

  • Get salaries to be accepted and approved by the organisation because you’re rewarding added value, and as a result creates motivated, committed and productive employees.

  • Retaining employees by giving them clear career prospects: realistic perspectives create positive and happy people. No bonus can beat that.
  • Structuring and digitizing the entire paper flow around performance development, because with Proodoss you work transparently towards goals, avoid unnecessary frustrations and save time.

Career policy

Proodoss answers the most essential questions, because what happens if you can’t tell an employee:

  • What is his perspective?
  • What his salary is based on?
  • How can he grow and develop within your company?
  • Why he reached his growth potential?

With Proodoss, you’ll have the complete salary and career policy in one platform, including the evaluation cycle. From one cockpit.

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