Arlène Speelman

Bureau Baarda

+31 (0)611 144 159

Stef Swinkels

Consultant / Product Owner
Bureau Baarda / Proodoss

+31 (0)639 677 511

Rolf Baarda

Chef de Mission
Bureau Baarda / Proodoss

+31 (0)622 510 626

Erica Borgardijn

Project Manager online Academy
Bureau Baarda

+31 (0)416 272 092

Liesbeth Bouwman

Financial Support

Nicole van Stokkum

Maarten van der Zanden

Associate Partner
on behalf of Peoples

+31 (0)6 13745444

Michelle van Leen

Associate Partner
on behalf of Peoples

+31 (0)6 26116277

Clements Radenborg

Associate Partner
on behalf of clements

+31 (0)6 2952 6363

Sanne Immerzeel

Milica Kapetina

Lead Developer

Bojan Jokic

Back-end Developer

Dusica Janjevic

Front-end Developer

Nikola Aleksic

Quality Assurance

Our core values

Market leader

Sharing knowledge

Being different

For us, being the market leader doesn’t mean wanting to be the biggest. It does mean: being the best. That’s why we’re contstantly looking for new insights, improvements to our working methods and ways to digitise our product range. So that once a project is finished, you can effortlessly take over.

We are happy to share our knowledge, approach and service with you. We provide tools on how to assess employees based on their added value. How to help them to set realistic development goals that match their capabilities, and monitor their progress. This prevents employees from being ‘overstretched’, resulting in burnout or involuntary resignation.

Your organisation will benefit from our assessment-, development-, and reward systems. State of the art, resulting in satisfied employees who continue to develop And above all, fair and transparent remuneration for everyone!



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