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18 January 2023

Proodoss: update optimisation functionalities

On Monday 16 January, an update was implemented within Proodoss. This mainly involved optimising a number of functionalities. For example, the following have been changed:

  • We have created the ability to customise existing 360-degree tests; 
  • Also, 360-degree tests can now be exported;
  • The Salary Scales in the Job Matrix were no longer editable if this did not already contain information. This has been made possible again.

Baarda Community

Case study INDI

How do you set up remuneration policies within an organisation working with self-managing teams? This was the subject of our first community meeting of 2023 on 17 January.

Because Model Baarda focuses on adding value to people, it can also be applied in organisations with self-managing teams. The process just looks slightly different.

On Tuesday morning, Sybrand Brouwer (Founder) and Siska Clevering (HR professional) told how they apply Model Baarda within INDI, a webshop with more than 450,000 technical parts and an organisation working with self-managing teams.

Question from the Community

In the Community, there is an opportunity to ask questions to each other and exchange experiences. From now on, we will also share some of these questions in this newsletter.

"Are there customers who use other functionalities (such as ambitions) in addition to the assessments in Proodoss?
If so, which functionalities exactly do you use? And how is this perceived?"

Would you like to share your experiences? Then send the answers to the question above to: We then share it in the community app!

Community App
The Baarda Community App was created to enable learning from and with each other. With this in mind, we organise sessions in which (usually) a community member gives a presentation on practical experiences and/or challenges. 

The next session is on 10 February with the theme: Practice & Process Management.

In October 2022, we rolled out the Community app for a first group of customers. In the coming days, we are also going to send all other licensed customers an invitation email for the app. This will ensure that every licensed customer has access to the meetings, documents (such as the BSS) and questions and answers available in the app.

12 December 2022

Proodoss: 360-degree tests become available

With the latest update of Proodoss, the foundation has been strengthened. This allows us to continue to implement improvements and new functionalities in short sprints. The next one will immediately include a nice step, namely 360-degree testing. The update will be implemented around 20 December. 

What exactly does this entail? Both employees and managers (role Manager, Team Leader and HR) can ask multiple colleagues to fill in a test about a person or themselves. In addition, in both 360-degree tests and Projects, it will be much easier to send the test to the right people. Both places will have the option of using checkbox fields to select the manager, team leader or HR persons. Proodoss itself sees which person or persons these are. 

Baarda Community

Baarda community 

Last Wednesday, the first practice case came up in the Baarda Community. 
Leontien van der Vlist, COO of Tilaa, shared her experiences and insights around using Model Baarda in an organisation that is constantly changing.

Clients of Bureau Baarda can register for the Baarda Community and participate free of charge. Haven't signed up yet? Then send us an e-mail ( or register via our website ( 

The idea behind the community is 'by customers, for customers'. So that we can learn from and with each other. With this in mind, we organise sessions in which (usually) a community member gives a presentation on an HR or remuneration-related question. How did they tackle this, what relation does this have with Model Baarda and what are the 'lessons learned'. 

Not yet a member? Sign up! 

9 November 2022

Update Proodoss on the way!

In recent months, there has been little communication about updates within Proodoss. This is because we have been working on a fundamental upgrade in recent months. An upgrade that allows us to give more insight about employees to the right people.

We have already created the functionality in Proodoss to set up a hierarchy. Which departments fall under another department. The update that will be released in four weeks' time will give the ability to assign people in different roles within departments. These are the roles Manager, Team leader and HR. And permissions can be set for each role. In this way, a distinction can be made between what, for example, Team Leaders can see of an employee and what a Manager can see. In addition, the hierarchy also gives the option of allowing managers to see not only the employees within their own department, but also those of the underlying departments.

We also ensure that in Projects and Cycles, the right people are selected as assessors based on the role. This means that you no longer have to manually select the reviewer for each person there yourself.

Next month, this update will become available. We will explain more about this in the next newsletter including screenshots.


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