Why women are banging their heads on the glass ceiling


The glass ceiling, I think I have pretty much located it. I'll tell you exactly where it is, but I think you can also easily pinpoint it yourself.

Susan Colantuono

That sticky floor is exactly on the boundary between Accomplished Professional and Extraordinary Accomplished or higher in the role model. At least when it comes to management roles.

The I-don't-want-to-grow-up-mentality that is still sometimes blamed specifically on women has a cause, at least that's what Susan Colantuono says in a catchy TEDtalk that I'll give you the link to shortly.

Thank God Susan is a woman, so what she says about women is true. Besides, she is a scientist on top of that too, which gives even less reason to doubt her analyses.

Susan Colantuono is spot-on about why men block their female colleagues on their way to the top. This, Colantuono explains, is because women lack knowledge of the business.


PD Journey

Men, they find, naturally have this knowledge. Women, on the other hand, do not. In their eyes, those focus too much on good relationships and developing their own expertise. They forget that other things are more important for promotion.

Misplaced bias or not, women would be wise to make work of that business view, according to Colantuono.

Lucky you.

Let me just now have written a little book on how to weave strategy with performance development. We call that the PD Journey™, powered by Proodoss.

The PD Journey™ is going to do away with the glass ceiling, I tell you what. So men, come on, take advantage!

Next week: why Colantuono preaches half the truth.

Work them,

Rolf Baarda



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